Be a game-changer for Mental Health and Wellbeing

WebofWellbeing CIC is a Community of Interest Company, which provides support and training to enhance the lives of people, away from limitation and stress towards unleashing the creative and resilient potential that lies within every human being. WOW was originally the Community of Interest Group for Education for www.3PGC.Org and is now established as an entity in its own right as a CIC, to continue to create sustainable change in the world, via an understanding of the mind, as uncovered by the late Sydney Banks, known as the Three Principles behind the human experience

“If we can get together and help the youth see the simplicity of life,
see that they have this beauty inside of them,
to see they have this power within them,
the youth will grow up very very wise and this world will change
and become a far far better place to live in.”  – Sydney Banks

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Our Mission

We are committed as educators and practitioners to guide people inwards towards their innate resilience and well-being, to reduce suffering and division in the world, instead, nurture By looking in the direction of the power of the human mind, people wake up to a new perspective, one which allows for clarity, compassion, and peace. Fresh new ideas, creativity and healthy relationships are available to people who are not limited by their restrictive and insecure thinking.

The impact of this revolutionary new understanding of the human mind is phenomenal and can be seen in all areas of life and community; medical profession, reform, business, education, sport and the military. We are committed to gathering and showcasing your stories of transformation and change across the globe

We are inspired to ensure that all people, especially our youth,
the people of the future, have the chance
to lead their lives with psychological freedom.

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