Using the Principle Based Model to Improve Well-Being in School: A Mixed-Methods Pilot Study

Research Paper 2: Dean Rees – Evans; David J. Pevalin

SAGE Open April-June 2017: 1–9 © The Author(s) 2017 DOI: 10.1177/2158244017716217

School-based interventions aimed at improving well-being and mental health have shown mixed results. The Principle Based Model (PBM) of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought is an untried intervention in English schools and as a working model there is a paucity of research into its potential.

The conclusions taken from this study are important as they show some promising possibilities for further research, and correspond with the hypotheses that an exposure to the PBM does indeed lead to a greater experience and level of well-being for people. They add to the growing body of studies that are exploring an understanding of the human experience and of resilience and positive psychological health. This study is in line with previous research projects carried out within similar settings and offers great potential hope to the ever-increasing problems within the education system.

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