Denise Holland

Denise Holland (UK)

My career as a coach in elite sports performance for over 20 years, fuels my continuous exploration into what a person is capable of experiencing and achieving through its physical body and mind.

As the captain of the national Hong Kong netball team, I know all about the highs, lows and struggles that go with the territory of success, failure and results! After two World Netball Championships as a player, she moved into coaching, working with both the national team in Scotland and two England Netball Superleague teams.

As Scotland’s performance director and national netball coach, I presided over the team’s move up the world rankings to 12th place and qualification for the Commonwealth Games. Frustratingly, I was unable to help when this previously high-performing team finished last in a major competition, amidst bickering, lack of focus and uncharacteristic mistakes. This pivotal moment was a real wake-up call, and I went on a mission to find the key to consistent quality performance. Little did I know that my discovery would be the ultimate game-changer for people who are inspired to overcome limiting beliefs and judgements, and create and achieve in life freely.

My inspiration is to work with all people who are keen to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. I have a special love for the youth, to guide them inside towards their innate wisdom and genius for creativity and resilience.

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