Monthly Webinar Series

Monthly Webinar Series

What if we lived in a world where children weren’t frightened of their experience? What if children grew up realising that they had all the wisdom and beauty they needed inside them?

The WoW (Web of Wellbeing) webinar series is dedicated to talking to educators about the principles behind wellbeing and mental health. All over the world WoW mentors are sharing the principles behind the human experience with young people. This work is to ensure that our youth and people of the future have a chance to lead their lives with psychological ease. If you are inspired by the Three Principles (Inside-Out) understanding and how you might have an impact in schools or with youngsters, then this webinar series will be perfect for you.

On each webinar the host (a WoW mentor) will be sharing a topic that is pertinent to educators, facilitators and youth workers. Each webinar will explore an issue looking at practical examples and real life situations. You’ll have the chance to ask questions and to share you ideas and insights as well.

Join us for conversation the first Tuesday of the month at 8pm UK time / 12pm PDT / 3pm EST

Click here for upcoming Webinars

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