Growth Mindset | Terri Broughton

Schools often ask me how they can encourage a growth mindset in their young people, and avoid the fixed mindset that can trap them into a premature plateau and cause them to fall short of their unknowable potential.

In this webinar, Terri will discuss how conversations with school communities can encourage a growth mindset with a simple understanding.

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  1. Mo Bowman says:

    Thank you Terri. I have been looking forward to your WOW webinar. I felt your connection and much of what you said resonated with me. Your description of the moment of stillness when all in the room feel the connection was just lovely. Have you considered taking the principles into teacher training? Mo xx

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  2. Thank you very much, Mo. At present I am working in schools but your suggestion is a very good one. Imagine how many students could be impacted as a result of getting into teacher training institutions! I appreciate your comments. Thank you. Terri x

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  3. Mo Bowman says:

    Hi Terri, you are probably very busy but if you ever want an introduction to a teaching institution, although I am sure there are already many you can, I could arrange it at St Mary’s in twickenham. Mo xx

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  4. terribroughton says:

    I’d love that! Much appreciated, Mo. How about you send me a FB personal message where we can arrange the logistics.
    Thank you very much for thinking of me.

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