Projects Around The World – Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in sharing the stories of the young people you know, that have been impacted by the principles, with the WoW.  Hearing what they’ve learned about the principles is a message worth sharing with the world.

Our wish is to raise the collective voices of young people. Therefore we encourage your submission to engage young people in sharing what they have learned and the difference it has made.

What we have learned so far about submissions is that they come in all shapes and forms which has made us get clearer on what we would like to see on our website.

To support the WoW vision and without stifling your creativity, here are some guidelines to help your submission meet the criteria so it may be uploaded to WoW website.



  • video – upload your video onto YouTube or Vimeo (or another video sharing platform) and send us the link.
  • blog format with pictures


  • video – 2-5 minutes
  • blog – up to 700 words


The layout of the project:

  1. Introduction of project or work done with young person or group of young people
    • What type of work done? Run program or read a book or shared stories…
    • For how long? 
    • Age of children
    • Setting
    • Possible topic….

    – example: 5-week program with 15 students ages 10-12. Can include type of setting, if it’s part of a bigger project, ect… If parent… read a book or watched an animation discussing the nature of thoughT

  2. Story:Young people sharing their experience in their own words. Speaking, art, reflection, song, poetry, interviews of youth…possibilities are endless so let your creativity be free.When you send us the link to your video also include the parental/guardian consent form. Any young person (under 18) who is featured in the video needs to have completed the parent/guardian consent form.
  3.  Your Details:
  • Your name and Country
  • Email address
  • Your picture
  • Website 


We look forward to growing our web of well-being with you and the children you live and work with. The voices of young people sharing the power of this understanding and how it has helped their lives brings alive the vision of reaching young people and raises the awareness for schools around the world.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

The WoW Team

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