Projects Around The World – Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in sharing your (Three Principles) work with the youth.  Hearing what young people have learned and how it has impacted and changed their lives is a message worth sharing with the world.

Our wish is to raise the collective voices of young people. Therefore we encourage your submission to engage young people in sharing what they have learned and the difference it has made personally in their lives.

We have learned that your submissions come in all shapes and forms. To support the WoW vision and without stifling your creativity, here are some guidelines to help you meet our criteria. Please note that we do not edit your submissions if accepted they will be uploaded to our website as presented.


Various Formats:

  • Video – upload your video onto YouTube or Vimeo (or another video sharing platform) and send us the link. 2-5 minutes in length.
  • Blogs – written and with pictures – up to 700 words each project.


Suggested content:

Introduce the work you have undertaken with youth or a group of young people – what, where, when, who?
Tell us about your programme; age, setting, duration, type, objectives, stories of impact, outcomes.
Encourage young people to share in their own words using various forms; art, video, reflection, song, poetry, and interviews of youth. The possibilities are endless so let your creativity flow freely.

Whatever the form of your submission, please include the following details:

Your name and country
Email address
Your profile picture

Consent: WoW require your written express permission to display your submission on our website with access via our social media. Furthermore, to comply with child protection and safeguarding, please provide us with evidence that you have parental/guardian consent for us to use your submission in our show-casing.


Thank you for being part of our vision to expand the Web of Wellbeing across the globe. The voices of young people sharing the power of this understanding and how it has helped their lives brings alive the vision of raising awareness, about innate mental health and resilience, especially in schools, academies, sports clubs, homeschooling groups, and youth clubs around the world.

Get in touch if you have any questions by e-mailing

The WoW Team

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