Surrey, UK | Ivana Culham

Finding Your SPARK


I have had a great privilege to of had an opportunity to run a pilot from my home for a group of girls in Autumn term of 2017.

This group of girls were from the same school and their ages ranged from 7 to 10.

At the end of the program they wanted to showcase to their friends and teachers at their school what they have been learning. And as a result, this is the film they created that beautifully illustrates what they have been learning in this program.

And here are some testimonials from girls and their parents 

Child: “I didn’t know I had a SPARK.”

Child: “ I din’t know how much your SPARK can help you in your life.”

Child: “ Since learning about myself, I don’t join fights as much and I feel more independent in my life.”

Parent: “Ivana, I can’t tell you how fab this has been for us to open up different conversations with Tilly at home, thank you.”

Parent: “ My daughter attended the Autumn 2017 pilot course and loved every moment of it. Learning about herself through craft and interaction with friends was a wonderful way to explore and learn about her inner spark. There is so much pressure on our children to strive for what society expects of them. True happiness definitely starts with being content and grateful for what you are within. Thank you for the lovely opportunity to learn important life skills.”

Parent: “My daughters also attended the pilot course. It was so life affirming to see them both learn and grow throughout the duration of the course. They loved the balance of talk, crafts and reflection and the opportunity to discuss ideas freely in such a nurturing environment.”

Ivana Culham

Surbiton, Surrey



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