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PSA created by GISS Peer Counsellors

Below are a couple of quotes from teens participating in Peer Counselling 11/12 using the My Guide InsideSecondary, Advanced curriculum. Students earned academic credit while learning the 3 Principles to “know themselves” and “understand their world.” This PSA video was created as one of the assignments in the course. It is their well-being message which we shared in our school, district, and now the global community.


“Strains of thought, such as presented in this My Guide Inside course, are just starting to be accepted into the human psyche in our own culture. That is, we are worthy as humans. We create our own joys and success, and we have the power to live the kind of life we want. By following the 3 principles, the culture within school can dramatically change.”

“Seeing how our realities fit together through mind + consciousness + thought is something that will stay with me forever and I will pass it on to others. I am so glad that I have learnt this valuable lesson at such an early stage in my life because now I will be able to apply to my other aspects of life throughout my journey after high school.”

Christa Campsall
My Guide Inside® Curricula Series
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