What happens on #WoW Day


An opportunity to share, celebrate and showcase all the great work being done throughout the world with our youth. We help young people to see how experience works for all human beings and that we all have innate mental health and wellbeing inside of us as part of the human design, no matter what is going on around us.

If you are working with youth, in schools, homeschooling groups, youth club, sporting clubs and academies or 1-2-1’s and would like to evidence the impact on young peoples’ lives, please let us know: webofwellbeing@gmail.com The submissions can be made all year round. On the first Friday of October each year, to coincide with #mentalhealthweek, we will connect us and all the programmes around the world, one day we may even link the youth together on a live platform, but for now, it is via their beautiful submissions.

We have a few simple guidelines which can be found on our website, but in short, it is “messages of impact from the youth, created and expressed by the youth”.

And here are submissions we have been receiving

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