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3rd October 2018

Class Performance – Excellence Within

UK – Working with Student-Athletes at University of Kent – Medway Campus 

How Has The Programme Impacted University Life?

What the University of Kent Students had to say about the 50/50 Netball Programme (50% in classroom, understanding their experience, 50% on court, technical, tactical and game understanding).

“Before Denise came to the University to coach us, not only in Netball but also her Mental Health and Well-being programme, I would let actions and feelings of others dictate my mood for the whole day. Now I have gained an understanding that it is in my control to let those affect me or not as my feelings are not coming from them. I also used to get frustrated doing ordinary daily tasks; this is no longer the case. This shift has allowed me to get less frustrated, and I seem to be able to stay calm in potentially stressful situations, see the bigger picture and be more open-minded”. Denise’s new approach has been great for teamwork, we don’t get upset with each other anywhere near as much, and get over disappointments quickly”. Amelia Davies   – Third Year Student – The University of Kent, Sports and Excercise for Health.

“I am so grateful to have worked with Denise, I used to float in and out of different moods and believed it was other things and situations causing them. Now I have discovered that it all comes from within and is down to my thinking in the moment which is optional. I have found that I am in control of how I let these thoughts affect me and that no other outside factors have any say in the matter. I used to think university work caused me stress for example, but it’s not the work or any other outside circumstance, it’s my thoughts in my head overthinking that overtake my peaceful natural self. Now I know that all these thoughts don’t have the power to cause me to feel a particular way, I know they come and go. Honestly, this understanding has changed my life”.  Nadia McMillian – Third Year Student – The University of Kent, Sport and Exercise Science.

“Prior to being introduced to Denise, I would often struggle to remain calm and confident in stressful situations. Fear would often come into play; what others would think of me both on and off the court, what would happen if I did something wrong, and how an outcome of a match would affect the rest of my day (even weeks!). Denise has taught us to become more in tune with our experience and most importantly, understand how thoughts are not permanent and will pass quickly if left alone. I learned that we are all capable of achieving the best and that no part of our abilities is lacking, they are often just lost among negative thoughts that we have created! Now, I can let a view pass without allowing it to take over my emotions. This programme has truly changed me for the best and is perfect during my final year of University”. Hannah Salem – Third Year Student – The University of Kent – Sports Therapy

“Hearing what Denise has to say about the mind and performance is very refreshing and has come at a pivotal time in my life as I am currently finishing my degree and applying for jobs. I was very interested in her ideas about thoughts, how they cause our feelings. We learnt how to unleash our potential in our games and our daily lives by removing any preoccupations we may have. Since meeting Denise, I have been more conscious of the way I am feeling and how I perform both on the court and at the University. As for her netball coaching, it was excellent to have an experienced coach; Denise got us to hit the ground running and was attentive to the requirements of both of our teams. I believe we vastly improved our connections on the court and am pleased to say that I am now a more accurate and confident shooter thanks to Denise’s coaching.” Katie May Nelson- Third Year Student – The University of Kent – Journalism

“Before I took part in Denise’s Health and Well Being programme, I become easily stressed in many situations. It would prevent me from taking part in different things if I overthought the situation and felt stressed about it. Now that I understand what’s behind thoughts and feelings and how I need not go with them, I have become an incredibly calm person. I can now look at the situation holistically and not let thoughts affect my attitudes towards anything I put myself forward to do. With Denise’s help, my mental wellbeing has improved, so has my ability to play freely on the netball court. I have developed immensely as an individual player, and its helped build my confidence on and off of the court.” Charlie Harris – 2nd-year student – The University of Greenwich – Forensic science with Criminology Student


Denise Holland

Human Performance Coach Three Principles Practitioner IHEART Facilitator

Class Performance – Excellence Within +44 (0) 20 3929 2000 +44 (0) 7770 923210 Skype name: denise.holland141

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