Bec Sheffield

Bec Sheffield

“For a very long time I lacked self-love and made the mistake of believing love came from outside of me”
Bec, 2019

During 2015, Bec took part in a 90-day online course which shared a simple understanding that pointed her to the inside-out nature of life.

Bec realised that she had misunderstood where love, self-worth and resilience came from. Like the clouds parting to reveal the sunshine, she saw that she is love and wellbeing!

Bec now has a deep abiding love for herself and, as a natural by-product, has amazing people, and beautiful relationships, in her life.

She shares this simple understanding, alongside her aunty and sister as “Dare2BU” inviting other people to see the love that they are and to live a full, limitless life!

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