North Devon Mental Health and Well-being Conference 2020

North Devon Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference

Tools, techniques and having more to do might appear to be helpful, but is it keeping you from seeing your wellbeing and resilience?

Have you noticed, even with all of the fabulous techniques, therapies and what we think we know, that Mental Health continues to be an issue?

It is time to start a new conversation about helping people to live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives and this is where the North Devon Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference was born!

Why would you not want to miss this Conference? 

Is your life going the way you want it?

Do you suffer or struggle in relationships or business?

Does someone close to you experience high levels of stress?

Could you use a boost in confidence to take action?

Would you like to enhance your performance in sport or the workplace?

Whatever, you are up to in life this Conference is for you, if you want to feel better, perform well, and be on purpose! We do very well when our mind is clear and uncluttered by concern and worry.

Through attending this Conference, you’ll enjoy a quieter mind, naturally without techniques or more things to think about, and you’ll have heaps of fun!

What does the conference promise?

The purpose of our Conference is to create a safe place to explore, for three days, a new way of seeing the Mental Health crisis.

This event is like no other and is a highlight of the year for many of our attendees.

You can hardly call it a conference, it is more like a space of love, connection, fun and transformation. You will learn something life-changing during your time with us.

If this resonates, join us at this event in Devon; you will not be disappointed that I can promise.

What is the long-term aim of the Conference?

~ To make this an annual conference that gets people talking

~ For North Devon to be making a splash!

~ For our inspiration to support people to be financially sustainable

~ Maximum benefit for all those who collaborate and get involved.

~Every year to be full of fun, love and laughter

~To be a springboard for changing the conversation in businesses, communities and schools

Do you want to be a part of the vision with us?

Find out how by visiting the Partners page / donate page


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