FREE WEBINAR – How to Help Young People with Ivana Culham and Jacqui Moses

How To Help Young People

Young people are finding themselves facing a totally different way of learning, studying and interacting with their friends and family. The restrictions have meant their routines have changed and life how they knew is no longer the same.We’ve heard from many amazing parents, carers and adults who support their children and young people, how challenging its been as they help them navigate and adjust to life as it is now.

Jacquie Moses and Ivana Culham invite you to an online webinar, where together we’ll explore how we can all experience more freedom and light-heartedness in our relationship and interactions with our children and young people in our lives.  

Webinar outline:

  • Identifying what are you finding challenging in the current climate
  • Look at what we know works when helping others
  • Stand in your own freedom
  • Trusting our children and young people to be themselves 

Hosts: Jacquie Moses & Ivana Culham 
Date: June 22nd
Time: 5.30-7.00 pm (UK)
Click here to register

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