Why Waiting for Something to Return to Normal is a Bad Idea!

The Ultimate Guide to Navigate Uncertainty and Change!

You can listen to the full uncut webinar with Denise Holland and special guests Scott Kelly and Nick Bottini:

Wanting and waiting for things to get back to normal might sound like a useful strategy, but how helpful is this experience and is it holding you back from creating something amazing in your life or business?

Ever noticed that no matter how difficult and challenging times get, there is a point where the ever-increasing stretch of stress, eventually collapses, and you get to start over. The human being is an incredible design, yet often we fail to notice its extraordinary ways. Irrespective of the strategies, and techniques you engage, to live your life or run a business, there is one common denominator; human consciousness works the same for all of us. The more you understand about the human operating system, the greater the impact of clarity of mind, responsiveness, creativity and results.

For more podcasts and articles by Denise Holland, visit: https://class-performance.com/podcasts/ or https://class-performance.com/articles/

To contact Scott Kelly: https://www.scottkellycoaching.com

To contact Nick Bottini: https://www.nickbottini.com

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