✨Back to ‘Normal’ in September?✨

✨Helping Families Transition from Lockdown

We find ourselves in unprecedented times.
Due to the Covid -19 crisis children have spend a huge amount of time at home, away from school, friends and familiar routines.
There is increasing concern about children’s mental health.
Families have had to adapt to a whole new way of schooling at home.

This is about to change yet again in September.

Perhaps they have come to enjoy and prefer the home schooling way of life and now you are faced with some big decisions.

⚡️ Are you and your child concerned about the return to school in September?
⚡️ How will you support your child through the transition from lockdown to back to school?
⚡️ What will school fell like? Will it be safe? Would they need to catch up?
⚡️ Are you or your child worried or anxious?
⚡️ Are you concerned about their mental wellbeing?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, please join us for this 4 week program. Mariella O’Brien and Ivana Culham have created this safe loving space to help families transition from the unusual pandemic lockdown in a positive way. This is a program for the whole family with 3 parent calls and a workshop designed especially for children. These interactive sessions will take place via Zoom.

During the parents sessions we will look to
💫 Identify what are you finding challenging in the current climate
💫 Look at what we know works when helping others
💫 Stand in your own freedom
💫 Trusting our children and young people to be themselves

1st Parent call – 10th Aug 8pm
Children workshop – 12th Aug 11am
2nd Parent call – 31st Aug 8pm
3rd parent call – 7th Sept 8pm

The cost for this 4 week program will be £45 per family but if finances are an issue, we are pleased to say that we have number of sponsored places we can offer so please do get in touch.

The program is designed using elements from the Spark Initiative and My Mental Health Rocks Curriculum.

Please register your interest below:

With Mariella O’Brien – Mental Wellbeing  and Born2Thrive


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