Building Resilience across Devon

Our kids aren’t born with anxiety.

They are happy to be themselves, they don’t think that anything they do is wrong or unacceptable, the don’t care if they are quiet or noisy.

Kids are full of energy and joy.

They are curious and excited about life.

Watching a toddler play or a small child discover a book or a school kid learn something new and find something out about themselves can pull on any ones heartstrings.

Kids are just great.

Then something happens ~ and this is not just in underprivileged homes ~ from an ever increasingly young age we are unintentionally teaching our youngsters to be anxious and scared of life.

We are sending them down a path of stress and difficulty.

We are teaching them that growing up is hard and that they are not good enough.

Probably because we are unintentional taught the same thing.

It’s time to break this cycle and do something different.

That’s where we come in…We are Deb & Bec we have been working in this field between us for 10 years.

We specialise in showing young people where resilience comes from and just how great they already are in spite of what they might think of themselves other people or the world they live in.

This fabulous quote sums up beautifully what we do…

If you give a man a fish you feed him that day if you teach a man to fish he will never go hungry 

We show young people how to deal with any situation and stay grounded.

We show them that they are built for life and it is only a misunderstanding that has made things seem so difficult.

We are perfect examples of this, we really do have a great job. There is nothing better than watching someone realise their own amazingness and seeing that life is actually fun and full of opportunities and they have everything they need to navigate perfectly.

We would love you to be a part of this great project too…

This project offers support to young people, schools and colleges, through a specialised workshop.

The workshop “Building Resilience” is designed to guide young people to uncover their innate resilience and wellbeing

The workshop focuses on:

1. How our mind really works

2. Where resilience comes from

3. What real life challenges you are facing

Our vision is to take this workshop to every college and school in Devon!

You can help make this vision a reality.
Shape the future of our young minds.
Help us to make Devon the most mentally health place to live and work.
Be a game-changer for Mental Health and Wellbeing.

To find out more and become a visionary partner of this programme, enter your information on the partners page here ~, state “Devon Building Resilience” in the message box and a board member will contact you shortly.

Alternatively, if you wish to make a one-off donation to the Web of Wellbeing CIC, click the donate button below.

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