Inspiring a Generation of Creative and Digital Genius

Lives enhanced not hindered by the digital world!

A 1-2-1 Transformative Coaching Program for all Young People.

As a result, it’s never been more crucial for young people to be able to live a balanced life, connected to their innate resilience and creativity.

This revolutionary new program inspires and guides young people age 10-22 to access their natural confidence, and wellbeing to build a happy, healthy, high-performance life away from stress, and fear! From a secure perspective, they become explorers of life, unrestricted by their own or others’ scary thinking or limiting beliefs.

Young people from all backgrounds and circumstances have a chance with this innate mental health and resilience training, to be fully equipped, for whatever life throws their way, something traditional education does not! It impacts every area of a child’s life:

  • Resilience & Wellbeing, e.g. self-esteem, dealing with setbacks, coping skills.
  • Mental Health, e.g. anxiety, stress, depression, self-harm, addictive behaviours.
  • Motivation, e.g. progress, attendance, perseverance, problem-solving & attainment.
  • Behaviour, e.g. self-regulation, exclusions, disruption, anger, aggression.
  • Relationships, e.g. tolerance, respect for difference, teamwork, positive relationships with teachers, peers and family members.

Your support can ensure a young person builds a happy, healthy, resilient lifestyle.

If you wish to donate towards this program click on donate button below and note in the message box, “Creative and Digital Genius”. Your kind support is greatly appreciated – Thank you!

To gauge the impact and difference your donation makes to a young person’s life:

£100 means a child can have four transformative coaching sessions to get them back on track.

£375 means a child can do the entire ‘Inspiring a Generation of Digital and Creative Genius” programme – 10 hours of resilience and wellbeing training.

£775 means a group of four children can complete a small group version of the above program, which is also 10 hours of resilience and wellbeing training.

To get involved as a key partner and regularly sponsor our youth, please visit the link below, complete the contact form and a member of the board with contact you shortly.

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