Our Vision for children & young people

  • We’re moving towards an increased awareness and how it can have an effect on the thoughts and feelings of behavior of people. Children are the ones who really will become the vessels that will share this wonderful understanding with the rest of the world.
  • If children are able to be exposed to this understanding and are able to integrate it in to their life, it’s going to have an exponential impact on those that they will come into contact with when they join the world of work, their community and the world at large.
  • What’s going to really matter is a persons ability to conceive new ideas, to have inspiration, to have insights,  to accommodate change with resilience, to promote innovation and fresh thought on how we can live together amicably on this planet. The younger you are when you have this understanding, there’s a difference in how you show up in the world. There’s more understanding and compassion in the world.
  • If we can touch the life of some children who otherwise might end up suffering with their own mental health in the criminal justice system, if we can touch them early enough, tell them that they needn’t be afraid of their experience, that they are the ones creating themselves…that can make such a difference to their experience.
  • Children are innately compassionate, wise and have empathy. This is just about reminding them what they already got. We want them to look at their natural sense of fun, well-being, empathy, and get back in touch with that.
“This isn’t anything else to remember, it’s helping children to understand how they operate so that they can get back in touch with who they truly are, stand in the world in that inner confidence and walk through the world from that space” – Liz Scott