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Web of Wellbeing CIC Partners

Be a game-changer for mental health and wellbeing

Web of Wellbeing CIC invites you to be a Partner and get involved, in being a game-changer for mental health and wellbeing. We know we have the solution to many of the world’s problems, a bold statement, we know, but it’s a truth! When people feel well, they do well, and it is our intention to help elevate the level of consciousness of all people so that they are responsive to the moment with clarity, creativity and kindness.

Human beings are an incredible design yet, very few get to realise the health inside them, their resilient potential, so that’s why we need your help!

A a Partner of WebofWellbeing, why would you want to get involved, what’s in it for you:

•    Be a proud game-changer for mental health and wellbeing.

•    Be part of the solution to prevent psychological and physical suffering.

•    Your chance to make a difference in your location with specific local projects.

•    Your organisation’s logo, and contact details placed here on our expanding website.

•    Promotion of your organisation and involvement via our social media channels.

•    Getting to know the Partners video, your published interview.

•    Monthly newsletter e-mailed to all Partners.

Partnership Support Packages

Your company type and the number of employees determines the annual partnership membership investment:

  • Sole Trader (1/2 members of staff) – £250
  • Small Company (2-10 members of staff) – £500
  • Large Company (10+ members of staff) – £1000 

Partners are at liberty to renew their membership each year. Web of Wellbeing CIC will not assume your involvement for a second year, but of course, hope that you will want to continue to contribute and actively change lives!

To take action now, simply complete the contact form below and one of our board directors will be in touch shortly. Please let us know the program or geographical area that you would like to support.