WellofWellbeing CIC (Community of Interest Company), is an initiative designed to bring into the spotlight the crisis around mental health and offer a solution; that people reconnect with their innate resilience, creativity and wellbeing, which brings about sustainable change in the way they live and work.

We are inspired to create initiatives in the UK and around the globe, which provides the environment and guidance to point you inwards to what you already have going for you, as a fantastic human being. We do not work on you, or your beliefs, we help you to go upstream to the source of all human endeavour, and establish an understanding of the human operating system, such that you experience more clarity and peace of mind.

As soon as you get a glimpse of how you are using your mind to create your experiences; beliefs, judgements, arguments, and perspectives, you wake up to a new way of being in the world. Kindness, wisdom and compassion prevail in a person who experiences this newfound clarity of mind; you are highly responsive to the moment, with fresh new ideas appropriate for the situation.

Here you will find details of our current projects, as well as programs we aspire to create given the financial support from partners (sponsors) and donations.

As a not for profit organization, we rely entirely on your financial support, please select a program which resonates with you and become a partner of that initiative or donate to WebofWellbeing CIC. We’ll allocate your funds to our next exciting new project.

Watch this space…. To be updated soon with program details and donation capabilities.