Supporting Youth Athletes in Sports Clubs

…… enjoy the sport they love, and reach their full potential in life!

Many young people start out in sport absolutely loving it, feeling the touch on the ball, learning the movements and developing the necessary skills to play the game and achieve success. You only have to look around a playing field at the weekend, to witness the sheer joy on their faces, of participating in physical activities.

A beautiful sense of freedom exudes, as they surprise themselves about what is possible through their bodies and minds. Then something happens, usually around the age of 7-11, suddenly, young people start to get self-conscious and inadvertently attach their wellbeing and OK-ness to how well they play on the field.

Self-image and identity issues are formed, as our youth, start to believe that they are not OK unless they do well in life and sport. Our entire education system is results-driven, with a heavy emphasis on how well you do, as if it says something about you as a human being!

For over 30 years, working in all levels of sport from grassroots through to national honours, I have witnessed the sad effect of our culture conditioning which pushes athletes in the direction of ‘you’re not enough until you……… or you’ll be better when you……! It doesn’t end well, with young people quitting sport early, or refusing to get involved as they see what it does to their friends, withdrawal, bad behaviours, stress and depression. Those who manage to dig deeper into their innate resilience and get a break, then suffer when their consistency drops and suddenly they are without answers or form and have no-where to look to get it back!

You can help youth athletes to realise more than their dream goals on the field. You have the opportunity to make a direct contribution and change a young person’s life.

You can finance a 1:2:1 transformative coaching program, to help a young athlete be their own coach, to live life and play sports from a perspective of freedom.

You can help guide sportspeople towards exploring life, on their terms, not the way us adults believe they should be or perform.

You can help to create an evolved world of sport, where athletes can compete without mental illness and suffering, free to show up to sports, unhindered by insecure fearful thinking of needing to prove themselves.

You can be a game-changer for mental health and wellbeing in young people.

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