Who We Are

Web of Wellbeing is a Community of Interest Company (CIC) which provides support and training to enhance the lives of people, away from limitation and stress towards unleashing the creative and resilient potential that lies within every human being.

WOW was originally the Community of Interest Group for Education for www.3PGC.Org and is now established as an entity in its own right as a CIC, to continue to create sustainable change in the world, via an understanding of the mind, as uncovered by the late Sydney Banks, known as the Three Principles behind the human experience. 

If you are Three Principles Practitioner and work with children and youth, we would like to offer you a superb opportunity to showcase the impact of your work here on Web of Wellbeing CIC.

If you are a school or community service for young people and would like to know more about harnessing Innate Mental Health and Wellbeing in your staff and children, we invite you to join our Web of Wellbeing by contacting us for more information.

To get in touch, complete the contact page and we’ll arrange a time to speak.

If you are interested to learn more about this work and/or how to become a registered Three Principles practitioner, please contact 3PGC.org