Who We Are

WoW is the 3PGC.org Community of Interest Group for Education. We are a group of people who are inspired to work with young people connecting them to with their innate mental health and well-being. The foundation of all our work with people is the “Three Principles” as uncovered by the late Syndey Banks. We came together with the vision of showcasing the impact on the lives of youth around the world when they profoundly realise the source of their feelings and their incredible resilience as a human being.

WoW stands for Web of Wellbeing.

If you are Three Principles Practitioner and work with children and youth, we would like to offer you a superb opportunity to showcase the impact of your work here on WoW.

If you are a school or community service for young people and would like to know more about harnessing Innate Mental Health and Wellbeing in your staff and children, we invite you to join our Web of Wellbeing by contacting us for more information.

To get in touch, complete the contact page and we’ll arrange a time to speak.

If you are interested to learn more about this work and/or how to become a registered Three Principles practitioner, please contact 3PGC.org.



Denise Holland (UK)

Ivana Culham (UK)

Quinn Cashion (Canada)

Liz & Stu

Liz Scott & Stuart Newberry (UK)
Peter Anderson (UK)

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Brooke Wheeldon-Reece (US)

Lars Myndal Fogtmann (DK)