We are a growing network of Mentors who are sharing the principles behind well-being and resilience with schools across the globe. Each mentor partners with schools and community youth programs to deliver a customised program to promote mental health and well-being and strengthen social and emotional learning initiatives.

Students who are learning about the mind and how we create human experience are living with less stress and anxiety and have increased their wellbeing and resilience.

Here is what students are saying:

“I like the fact that your clouds are not always grey, stormy and so on. They can also be pink, blue, purple and all the beautiful shades they like to be in, in the sunset and sunrise. That reminds me of that there is something beautiful in everything, even though it may not be possible to see.”
– 15 year old female student – Denmark

“Depressing thoughts are clouds and we are the sky. The clouds move and the sky stays. Sometimes the sky is clear, sometimes the sky is covered.”
– 13 year old male student – Canada

Mentors are joining our Global mission every day, so please contact us for mentor near you. Click here to see a map of WoW Mentors

What is a WoW Mentor? A WoW Mentor is someone who is working from the Three Principles understanding with children and young people.

If you would like to become a WoW Mentor please contact us for more information and look at our Face Book group.